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  • How does the Chatime Rewards program work?Open or Close

    Q. How do I collect points?
    A. Earn 1 point for every drink you purchase at a participating Chatime location. Reach 100 lifetime points to become a Chatime Elite Rewards member!

    Q. What are lifetime points?
    A. Lifetime points tracks the total number of points you have earned since you've joined the program.

    Q. How do I join?
    A. Just pick up a Chatime Rewards card at any participating location and start earning points today.

    Q. How do I check my points?
    A. Visit and enter your cell phone number. We will return details on your points to you via text message.

    Q. What happens if I lose my card?
    A. You will need to have your card present to collect and/or redeem your points. Replacements cards can be obtained from any participating Chatime location. There is a $1.00 replacement fee for a Chatime Rewards card and $5.00 for a Chatime Elite Rewards card (plus applicable taxes).

  • What are the benefits of Chatime Rewards?Open or Close

    Q. What can I redeem with my Chatime Reward points?
    A. Redeem 10 points for:

    • One free regular sized drink with one complimentary topping

    You also get:

    • A FREE birthday drink! Register your birthday with us and we will send you a text message containing your birthday offer 7 days prior to your birthday!
    • To try our feature Chatime Tea of the Month™ drink that is picked and handcrafted by our Tearistas at an exclusive price!

    Q. How do I register my birthday?
    A. Members will receive a text message from Vicinity on behalf of Chatime Rewards prompting you to tell us when your birthday is. Text back with your birthday in this specific format MM/DD/YY. Didn’t receive the text message from us? Don't worry, simply login to your Vicinity account to edit your profile. Register an account today if you don't have one yet!

    Q. How do I claim my birthday offer?
    A. You will receive a text message containing your birthday offer 7 days prior to your birthday. Offers are sent via text message to the mobile number linked to your rewards card. Reply "YES" to claim the offer. Then, just simply visit any Chatime Ontario location, tell a Tearista it's your birthday and tap your rewards card to redeem your free regular size drink!

    Q. I registered my birthday already, why didn't I receive an offer?
    A. You must register your date of birth at least 7 days prior to the actual day of your birthday. Example: If your birthday is on May 8th, you must register your birthday by May 1st to ensure you receive the offer.

  • What are the benefits of Chatime Elite Rewards?Open or Close

    Q. What can I redeem with my Chatime Elite Reward points?
    A. Once you are a Chatime Elite Rewards member, you can redeem 10 points for:

    • One free large sized drink with any toppings AND
    • One free food item of your choice (under $3.00 before applicable taxes)

    In addition to all regular Reward member benefits, you also get:

    • Your very own personalized Chatime Elite Rewards card when you reach Elite status!
    • The chance to win lower-bowl sporting tickets every season, courtesy of our partner, Vicinity!
    • More exclusive access to promotions, offers, and store events!
  • Program Terms & ConditionsOpen or Close
    • Chatime reserves the right to change the rewards program and points value at our discretion
    • Replacement fee per every card is $1.00 for Chatime Rewards card and $5.00 for Chatime Elite Rewards card (plus applicable taxes)
    • Points accumulated under the program are promotional and have no cash value
    • There are no membership fees associated with Chatime Rewards
    • Use of this card is subject to Vicinity terms of service
    • Chatime stamps are no longer valid for redemption and cannot be converted to Chatime points as of August 31, 2014.



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