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  • How does the Chatime Rewards program work?Open or Close

    Q. How do I collect points?
    A. Earn 1 point for every drink you purchase at a participating Chatime location. Reach 100 lifetime points to become a Chatime Elite Rewards member!

    Q. What are lifetime points?
    A. Lifetime points tracks the total number of points you have earned since you've joined the program.

    Q. How do I join?
    A. Just pick up a Chatime Rewards card at any participating location and start earning points today.

    Q. How do I check my points?
    A. Visit and enter your cell phone number. We will return details on your points to you via text message.

    Q. What happens if I lose my card?
    A. You will need to have your card present to collect and/or redeem your points. Replacements cards can be obtained from any participating Chatime location. There is a $1.00 replacement fee for a Chatime Rewards card and $5.00 for a Chatime Elite Rewards card (plus applicable taxes).

  • What are the benefits of Chatime Rewards?Open or Close

    Q. What can I redeem with my Chatime Reward points?
    A. Redeem 10 points for:

    • One free regular sized drink with one complimentary topping

  • What are the benefits of Chatime Elite Rewards?Open or Close

    Q. What can I redeem with my Chatime Elite Reward points?
    A. Once you are a Chatime Elite Rewards member, you can redeem 10 points for:

    • One free large sized drink with any toppings AND
    • One free food item of your choice (under $3.00 before applicable taxes)

    You also get:

    • Your very own personalized Chatime Elite Rewards card when you reach Elite status
    • Exclusive access to special promotions and events
  • Program Terms & ConditionsOpen or Close
    • Chatime reserves the right to change the rewards program and points value at our discretion
    • Replacement fee per every card is $1.00 for Chatime Rewards card and $5.00 for Chatime Elite Rewards card (plus applicable taxes)
    • Points accumulated under the program are promotional and have no cash value
    • There are no membership fees associated with Chatime Rewards
    • Use of this card is subject to Vicinity terms of service
    • Chatime stamps are no longer valid for redemption and cannot be converted to Chatime points as of August 31, 2014.


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