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This official website made for the Chatime brand (this “Website”) is managed by Chatime Global LLC (“Chatime Global”). To maintain and protect your privacy and personal information, Chatime Global hereby uses this Privacy Policy to inform you of the purposes, categories, scope of usage and methods of collecting personal information by his Website. Should you have any question about this Privacy Policy or any other matters regarding the contents hereof, you may contact:

Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal information collected by this Website only. If you visit other websites using hyperlinks or any other information contained in this Website, you should refer to the privacy policy or other similar statements of such websites.

Purposes and Categories of Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Information

In order to provide franchise service and the purposes stated below (collectively, the “Purposes”), this Website will collect, process and use your personal information, and any other directly or indirectly identifiable information of you as provided by you (collectively, the “Personal Information”).

The personal information collected could be

  • Identification data
  • Financial data
  • Tax data
  • Professional data
  • Property information
  • Internet data (IP address, traffic data and browsing history)

The main purposes of processing your information are

  • Verify your identity
  • Provide information of the franchise
  • Evaluate the potential franchisee with a review of their financial, tax, property and professional information.
  • Offer an economic proposal to the potential franchisee.
  • Elaborate the legal documents to grant the franchise.
  • To utilize the personal information of the potential franchisee to review their application and verify the identity and eligibility to grant the franchise.
  • Protect our rights and legal interests in case of a dispute or a legal request by a competent authority.
  • To respond to your questions and requests.
  • For security purposes

We use information and may request additional documents in order to verify your identity

Scope of Usage/Data Transfers

Within the scope specified below, the Personal Information collected by this Website will be processed and used only for the Purposes. Unless requested or ordered by a competent authority or a competent court according to applicable laws and regulations, Chatime Global will not provide the Personal Information, in whole or in part, to any third party or process or use the Personal Information for any other purposes.

  1. Time period: The Personal Information will be used while any of the Purposes still exists. After all the Purposes cease to exist, Chatime Global will no longer retain the Personal Information unless required by applicable laws and regulations
  2. Territory: The Personal Information will be used globally.
  3. Recipients: Other than Chatime Global, its subsidiaries, related entities and its personnel who have a need to receive the Personal Information pursuant to the Purposes, the recipients of the Personal Information include the cloud service providers (to store the Personal Information) By accepting this Privacy Notice you accept the transfers that require your consent. To oppose to any of those transfers please use the mechanism established in the “The Rights Exercisable by You”.
  4. Methods: The Personal Information will be used via any legal method pursuant to the Purposes

The Rights Exercisable by You

You may exercise any of the following rights with respect to your own Personal Information:

  1. The right to make an inquiry of and to review/access the Personal Information;
  2. The right to request a copy of the Personal Information;
  3. The right to supplement or correct the Personal Information;
  4. The right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of the Personal Information; and
  5. The right to erase the Personal Information.
  6. The right to revoke your consent.
  7. The right to oppose to processing.
  8. The right to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data.

Unless any of the following occurs, Chatime Global will not refuse the exercise of your rights:

  • Where national security, diplomatic or military secrets, overall economic interests or other material national interests may be harmed;
  • Where a government agency may be prevented from performing its statutory duties; or
  • Where the material interests of Chatime Global or any third party may be adversely affected.
  • Where the request does not comply with the applicable legislation. To exercise the above rights and to know the procedures and requirements please send an email to:

Impact from Refusal to Provide Personal Information

If you refuse to provide all the required Personal Information or use a Facebook account to register for or log in this Website, you will not be able to participate in the full Chatime franchise exploratory and assessment service.


This Privacy Policy and any content hereof are subject to amendments at the sole discretion of Chatime Global Amendments will be announced on this Website with immediate effect. You agree to be bound by such amendments upon their announcement if these amendments require your consent, we will ask for the appropriate consent.


By providing your personal data, it is understood that you have read this privacy notice and that you agree to the processing of your personal data (including sensitive personal data) in accordance with it, including data transfers that require your consent.


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