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Now Franchising


We're currently looking for franchisees
in British Columbia and Ontario
who are eager to take a steep forward with us.
If you:
  • Have passion for leading and growing your own business
  • Have demonstrated business or entrepreneurial experience
  • Are committed to managing your store full time
  • ...then you can be an ideal franchise owner with Chatime!
    What we offer
  • Strong Canadian head office support
    • Marketing
    • Training
    • Operations
    • Logistics
  • Premium, authentic, high-quality ingredients from Taiwan
  • Strong brand awareness with 250K+ loyalty members and a highly active presence on social media
  • Fresh and modern retail concept
  • Focus on product innovation to keep things new and exciting
  • Partnerships with national and international brands and service providers
  • Access to unique food product offerings through our sister brand, Bake Code
  • Application Steps
    1. Submit an application at www.chatime.com/main-franchisee-application
    2. Application Review
    3. Phone Interview
    4. In-person Interview
    5. Disclosure Presentation
    6. Sign Franchise Agreement & Pay Initial Franchise Fee
    7. Site Selection & Lease

    Due to high demand, we are only able to grant franchises to the most qualified applicants. If you have any questions, you can email franchises@chatime.com.


    The application assessment process can take up to 2 months.

    We screen every application very carefully and thoughtfully.

    The time that it takes to secure a location can vary greatly – it could be immediate if we have already secured a location, and if not the search would depend on market availability.

    Our build-out time for locations ranges from 8-12 weeks.

    The total initial investment for an 800sq ft to 1500 sq ft store is approximately $400K-$620K.

    We would recommend that applicants have a minimum of $200K-$300K in liquid capital. In addition, most of our franchise partners leverage the Canadian Small Business and Financial Loan (CSBFL) so you may wish to explore this with your business bank advisor.

    There are a significant number of variables to consider when owning and operating a franchise and therefore we cannot determine your success. It is essential that you consult your financial advisor as part of your own due diligence and create your own forecasting model and plans.

    We do not collect or review the business plans, but the bank will require a plan as part of the CSBFL application. In the later stages of the application, we provide more information that would assist you in preparation.

    Applicants should not speak to landlords and inquire about owning a Chatime in that location.

    Once applicants sign the Franchise Agreement, we will work with you to find and secure a location for your Chatime store.

    We provide a total of 4 weeks training.

    This includes 2 weeks of shareholder training, some of which is classroom and most of which would be held at a corporate store, and 2 weeks of staff training at your store.

    Our Training Team is always available to franchise partners and we develop and update training regularly to reflect any new drinks or initiatives.


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