BYOC 2019

Terms and conditions apply. Ask our Tearistas to learn more.

*Applicable at participating locations across Ontario. Chatime Canada reserves
the right to reject containers that are deemed to be unsafe (easy to break and/or not safe for hot drinks).

Yes, you can enjoy a $0.25 discount of each drink purchase if you bring your own bottle!
We will gladly accept any reusable containers that have a mouthpiece of at least 7cm in diameter. For glass containers, we can only accept thick glass such as a mason jar or double-walled jars.

Please kindly note that our tearista's may decline your container if they deem it to be unsafe!
All of our drinks can be made in your reusable container, as long as the mouthpiece is at least 7cm in diameter!
Yes we can serve hot drinks in thick glass containers and/or plastic containers with the PP5 label
Chatime values consistency in our quality and with that comes our promise that we will be serving the same Chatime flavour - just in a different cup!
Unfortunately the mouthpiece of the Chatime glass bottle is less than 7cm in diameter, so we cannot accept it.

But as part of Chatime's effort to nurture a culture of environmental stewardship, we can collect and recycle your bottle in exchange for a $1.00 discount on a drink purchase.
Our regular size cup holds 16oz and our large size is 22oz. We ask that you advise our tearista's on the size of your container. If you are not sure, then we will default to making your drink as a regular size. In that instance, please kindly note that the drink may not be filled all the way up.
Yes, you are free to bring two containers and we will gladly split your drink for you!

Unfortunately we can only process one discount on each drink, so if the drink you are purchasing is already being discounted then we are unable to add the 25 cent discount on top of it. The exception to this are our Tea of the Months!